How to Save Money when Moving

How to Save Money when Moving

Moving is not only one of the most stressful things to complete, but it also is one of the most expensive endeavors in your life. So of course, who wouldn’t want to save money during the entire process?

Today we will be breaking down sound ways for you to cut costs towards your move. However, take into consideration that investing more money in your move may also be beneficial, especially when it comes to security.

  1. Off-Season Moving

One of the easiest ways to avoid paying more for a move is moving during the off-season. Summer is one of the most popular times for travel and therefore is the most expensive season for one to move during. That is why, we recommend moving anywhere from mid to late September to April.

Something else to take into consideration is what time of the week you will be planning on moving. Because yet again, the day out of the week for your move could also serve you in saving money. Monday – Thursday are the most cost effective days to move.

  1. Rent your Own Moving Truck

Another way to cut down on costs during a move is renting your own moving vehicle. This also includes container moving such as PODS. The reason being is that this method is a do-it-yourself job and does not require you to compensate any moving specialists.

However, if you are not equipped to take on the task or feel that your moving skills are not fully there to handle your own move, trust the professionals that are certified to do so. Again, you might not be saving money upfront, but what if you were to have a moving accident that heavily damaged your own belongings?

  1. Packing Materials

Packing supplies might not seem like they add to your overall moving cost. But you would be surprised to know how much these materials take away from your move. For instance, a lot of the packing boxes that we all love to buy, we don’t need to buy. So many stores and people supply these materials free of charge if only you are willing to look around for your materials.

The same goes for packing tapes. It might not come as a surprise to those of you who buy from wholesalers, but buying in bulk is always the way to go. It may seem like you’re paying a premium upfront, but the amount you are saving for each item is so much more than you would buy one pack for.

  1. Go to the Dollar Store

The Dollar Store around the corner is going to save you more than you can think. Whether you’re looking for cleaning supplies, packing supplies, storage supplies, the Dollar Store will have what you’re looking for for cheaper than any other store.

Even something like a mattress cover that is helpful for moving your mattress without the elements or debris affecting it is something you can purchase at the Dollar Store. So don’t be shy, get to know your Dollar Store and how it can help save you money on your move now.

  1. Prep your Food Ahead of Time

We all know how tempting it is to go out or order in food when you’re preparing for a move. To avoid this overspending, we recommend meal-prepping food that you already have in the fridge and pantry to help you save money.

If you find that your fridge and pantry are already sparse and do not want to make a full grocery trip right before a move, a meal kit subscription might just be the ticket for you. Again, it’s cheaper than going out to eat and the beauty of meal kits is that they help cut down on waste that we sometimes produce when cooking in large quantities.

Get Creative

There are always going to be ways to help you save money when it comes to moving. That is why we implore all of you to get as creative as you like during the moving process because it will be rewarding.

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