How to Make Moving Fun

How to Make Moving Fun

We get it, moving has been an uncomfortable, time-consuming, stressful experience to so many people all throughout the years. But what if it didn’t have to be? What if moving could not stress out your kids or your pets or your partner? Well, we are here to say that moving can be an enjoyable process if we all can take a moment to reevaluate how we view moving.

Today we will be discussing our tips and tricks that can help make your next move as fun as possible!

Why is moving so stressful?

When did moving become such a stressful thing? Was it because of the huge time-consuming inconvenience of moving from one state to another? Or was it something else like popular culture dictating how to have a successful move and illustrating just how stressful it was for many people?

The answer may be unclear, but the sentiment still stands — moving is difficult. Unfortunately, our minds are so heavily wired to view difficult things as misfortunes that ultimately weigh us down instead of uplifting us.

But that is far from the truth. It is the most difficult of tasks that make us feel accomplished in life. So why can we not view moving in the same way?

Start small

The easiest way to make moving enjoyable and fun is to start out with the little things. We understand, it’s easy to start overthinking all of the elements of a move, but for now just start small. Think about your new home and how excited you are for your new adventure. Whether you are going to a new school or starting a new job, this next adventure could absolutely be the best time of your life.

What do you like about moving?

You know how we have come up with ways to make menial tasks seem fun? Like how turning on the radio and dancing around as you’re doing dishes makes washing dishes seem less like a chore? Well the same thing can be applied to moving. So, maybe you’re not excited to do the whole back and forth of moving boxes to your moving truck, but what if you could make it enjoyable?

What if you’re constantly listening to your favorite playlist as your moving boxes. Or better yet, what if you and a group of your family and friends are singing and dancing around as you move boxes? Maybe to those looking to efficiently move boxes this concept baffles you, but why not add a little enjoyment to a task that is dubbed as boring?

The same thing can be said for those of you making your way to another state. Are you going to be in a car or moving truck for hours? Then blast your music playlist along the way.

But maybe you’re less into the musical spirit of moving? What if you could construct an entire scenic road trip along the way to your final destination? Maybe you could even visit all of your favorite national spots as you continue your drive.

Again, this option may add hours to your overall move, but visiting your favorite landmarks is so much more rewarding that you would think. So what if your move is taking a while to complete, you’re enjoying yourself and that’s really all you will remember years down the line.

Efficient is not always the answer?

We get it, maybe you’re on a timeline for when you have to arrive at your new residence and creating the most efficient way to get there is admirable, but will you ultimately be left feeling stressed out by all of this?

How you commence with your next move is obviously all up to you. But know this, there is very little that separates you from having an enjoyable move and it all really comes down to the mindset that you have towards moving.

Enjoy that adventure.

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