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Iron Man Moving SF has long been recognized for its extensive line of moving and relocation services which includes being the Bay Area’s industry leader in heavy-duty equipment moving.  If your equipment and machinery play a significant role in the success of your business and represents a huge investment in your daily operations, we offer high-quality equipment movers services in San Francisco that you can depend on.  Whether you’re managing a complex construction project or just need to get a single piece of equipment from Point A to Point B, we are always prepared for the task.

Why Iron Man Moving SF?

For company owners and contractors that have never had to deal with getting their heavy equipment to a construction site or project site, this might seem like a daunting task.  However, that won’t be the case if your hire Iron Man Moving SF for the job.  Our equipment movers team in San Francisco is experienced at planning and organizing these types of jobs to meet your demands and alleviate all stress in the matter.  Plus, we’ll ensure that the downtime is kept to a minimum.  Most importantly, you’ll enjoy the personalized care and superior customer service we provide. With courteous and professionally trained staff and experienced crew, we’ll handle all of the machinery and heavy equipment moving requirements that your company has.

What types of heavy equipment do you need us to move?

The shipping and transporting of heavy equipment, needs the experience, expertise, and skills of professional movers.  Whether you buying new equipment and need it shipped to your location or moving it from one job site to another, Iron Man Moving SF can handle hauling:

  • agricultural and engineering equipment
  • backhoes and excavators
  • bulldozers and dump trucks
  • combines, tractors, and other types of farm equipment
  • engines of all sizes
  • forklifts
  • graders and loaders
  • heavy vehicles and large trucks
  • hydraulic equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • pile drivers
  • scrapers and trenchers

If you have any questions regarding anything listed above, visit the home page of our website and click the “Contact” link on the navigation bar. Additionally, if you have questions or queries pertaining to the impending move, call us and talk with our experienced moving specialists.

What types of shipping methods do we offer?

One of the most important aspects of transporting heavy equipment is choosing the right shipping method for your particular needs.  Our equipment movers team in San Francisco can determine which of the following methods is best suited for you based on the shape and size of the load.  Iron Man Moving SF offers the following shipping methods:

  • Container transport – as the oldest go-to method of the shipping industry, container shipping enables you to load and unload heavy equipment quickly and easily.  However, if there is a need to disassemble the equipment in order for it to fit and re-assemble it at its destination, this will add time and extra labor costs to the equation (see below).
  • Flatbed heavy haul – in the majority of the heavy equipment transport jobs that Iron Man Moving SF has handled, hauling these massive pieces on a flatbed trailer is usually sufficient.  These trailers are available in different capacities and sizes and can haul up to a 24-ton piece of equipment.
  • LoLo or Lift-on/Lift-off – this method involves the use of a crane to load the equipment onto and off of the shipping conveyance you’ve chosen.  However, the need for a crane and its operator will add to your shipping costs.
  • RoRo or Roll-on/Roll-off – if you’re searching for the simplest and easiest shipping method for your heavy equipment, this is it, provided the piece of machinery is equipped with wheels.  This is also the best option when it comes to saving you time and money.

Please note that any additional labor that is required of the Iron Man Moving SF crew (such as disassembly/re-assembly, shrink-wrapping, or tarping for example) will add to the cost of your shipment. You may check with us about the additional costs and we’ll be happy to assist you with the information and help you decide.

How is the cost of shipping heavy equipment determined?

The cost of our equipment movers services in San Francisco will be influenced by certain factors.  This includes density or size of the shipment, the distance to its destination, freight insurance required, and the priority of the shipment.  Safety is always the #1 priority when it comes to shipping heavy equipment.  Since there is a greater element of risk involved with this type of shipping, the cost of these services is significantly higher than other types of items being shipped.

To learn more about our heavy equipment movers in San Francisco or to schedule an on-site estimate, contact Iron Man Moving SF today.

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