Easiest Ways to Organize your Move

Easiest Ways to Organize your Move

We’ve all been there. Moving is one of the biggest obstacles we all must face at one point or another in our lives. Whether you’re dealing with a small move or a large one, we all get stressed out. But maybe we don’t have to.

This how-to guide will break down the easiest ways to organize your move so that your life and move can be simple. Let’s go!

  1. Organize your Clothes

It may come as a shock to some but the more effort you put into packing your clothes in an organized way, the easier it will be to unpack your closet. Although it’s tempting to throw all of your clothes unfolded and everything into moving boxes, know that you will be spending more time folding and putting away those clothes than you need to.

Start by understanding your current closet situation and your new one. Do you have room in your new closet to hang up all your shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, and so on? Then get your hangers prepared and pack all of your clothes on hangers for an easy transfer.

If you are going to continue to use storage bins and dressers to store your clothing, then fold your clothing the exact way that you want for your new closet and you’re guaranteed to have an easy transition.

  1. Pack One-By-One

What we mean by packing one-by-one is packing one room at a time. It’s easy to run around your house preparing all of your items together, but that leaves you with more confusion than you want. When you are left packing one room at a time, all of that room’s contents stays together. Then when you transition into your new home, you’ll know exactly what goes in each room and trust us, unpacking will become so much easier.

I know it’s tempting to fill all of your boxes to the brim with extra things, but we must fight that urge because it overcomplicates your already complicated moving situation.

  1. Create an Organizational Plan

This step is really important to organizing your move. So much so that it should be number one on our list. It might seem easy to some of you to simply chuck things into boxes and deal with them in your new home. But that’s never the answer..

What creating an organizational plan allows you to do is find places for all of your belongings to go. If you’re already thinking about how you want to organize your toilet paper, linens, and miscellaneous items that fit into closets, you’re already arranging where they will go. This means that you are subtracting all the time you spend opening all your closets and cabinets just to find a place to throw your paper towels. Trust us, this actually takes away so much time from your move, it’s ridiculous.

The best part of this organization plan? If you’re placing items in bins or boxes in your new home, you can pack them exactly that way so that all you have to do is set them in place once you arrive.

  1. Color Code Moving Boxes

We all have heard the recommendation to label all of your boxes in the moving process to avoid confusion. But what if we were to take it a step further by color coding moving boxes? Yes, letters are legible, but let’s be honest, colors are so much easier to pick out of a moving truck, especially when letters get cut off by stacked boxes.

This is yet another affordable way to bring more cohesion to your moving process which will inevitably make your transition into your new home much much simpler.

Get Ready

Moving is so much more than simply the act of taking boxes from one home to another. I think we all get that. But there are always definite ways to make your move much more organized that will benefit you and your moving time greatly. So don’t get stressed out about all the variables. Start small, and take your time understanding how to effectively organize and pack for your next move.

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